What is this project about?

The purpose of this project is to modify a home heating oil furnace to burn waste oils such as waste vegetable oil, waste transmission fluid, waste hydraulic oil, waste motor oil, etc.. as well as home heating oil (basically #2 diesel)

Safety Disclaimer:

This or any modification of a home heating oil furnace will void any warranties. This is for experimental purposes only. We are not responsible for any problems or damage that may result for your attempt to modify a furnace. Should the modification cause damage or injury to you, or those using the modified furnace, you are solely responsible. You are doing this at your own risk. Please be responsible, safe and think about the consequences of your actions.

The first alternative energy project will show how to convert a regular home heating oil furnace to burn various waste oils. That being said, the goal of this particular design is to be able to buy and use as many commercially available parts as possible to do the conversion. All but a couple of parts should be available either where you live locally or from the internet. Since this is a standard home heating oil furnace, it still requires standard 120VAC power to run the motor, blower, and conversion electronics. However, you have the potential to save a lot of money by burning various waste oils which can many times be obtained for free or at least much cheaper than heating oil. It may also be easier to collect and trasfer waste oils than to chop firewood. A converted unit burning free or very cheap waste oils may be useful in a greenhouse to extend the growing season in colder climates. In my area, I have seen nice used heating oil furnaces for sale on craigslist.org for under $250 as many people are converting to gas and trying to get rid of oil burning units.

Even though there will be a lot of information posted on how to do this conversion, someone that is used to fixing things or mechanically inclined should not find this very difficult. I hope to give enough detail that many people can do this conversion. Please let me know if anything is unclear in this conversion. Thanks, Kirk